The Gamer Clan Test

Conqueror Clan
Beat it out. Win!!!!!!

Military Clan
Find strategy. Carry out yor mission.

Groove Clan
The fun is the best strategy.

Communicative Clan
Story and communucation.

What is The Gamer Clan Test?

Our character tells what kind of games we like and our playing style. And our fundamental character basically lasts unchanged.Lifelong. We suppose that we have our fixed taste for the games by nature. Our test sort the game players into sixteen types according to the character assessment test. It doesn't include any qestion about the game and you'll have fun if you don't play the game. Find what type of a game player you are.

You'll see here

  • What type you are sorted into.
  • If you are ever the person who enjoys the game
  • What kind of elements attract you
  • The playing style you like
  • Your tendency
  • Your genre aptitude
  • What same clan recommends for you



Quick version
It has a fewer questions.
Perfect for people who want to just try.

Precise version
It is a more presise version.
Perfect for people who seek more precise answer.

How to use

  • Just to see and enjoy if it is the right assessment.
  • It gives you a hint as to what kind of games you are suited for
  • Get your friends who have different playing styles to have the test
  • Get a non- game player to have the test and cheer.
  • Pretend to be a fictional character and know what kind of the games he likes.

Categorized types

Clans Gamer types

Conqueror Clan
Downright Gamer  Subjugator Gamer
Imperial Gamer   Competitive Gamer 

Military Clan
Strategic Gamer    Fighter Gamer 
General Gamer    Standby Gamer 

Groove Clan
Dream Gamer  Relax Gamer 
Wandering Gamer   Enjoy Gamer 

Communicative Clan
Story Gamer    Old Master Gamer 
Social Gamer    Friendship Gamer